Our Team

Expert Physiotherapists in Vancouver

At Main Street Physiotherapy Clinic, enjoy a personable, relaxed and encouraging treatment experience by some of the best Physiotherapists in Vancouver. Receive 1-on-1 care from a team of highly skilled, knowledgeable and committed professionals.

  • Aart van Gorkum
    Aart van GorkumBSc(P.T.), Physical Therapist MCPA,FCAMT
  • Marcella Paoletti
    Marcella PaolettiBscPT, BPhEd, MCPA
  • Manbir Sandhu
    Manbir SandhuMPT, BSc (Kin)
  • Mike Wall
    Mike WallMPT, BHK
  • Kate Kennedy
    Kate KennedyBSc(P.T.), PT, FCAMPT, MCPA
  • Chantelle Poon
    Chantelle PoonMScPT, BSc(Kin) CAFCI, MCPA
  • Jonathan Poon
    Jonathan PoonPT, Registered Kin, PRI
  • Tony Cruz
    Tony CruzBSc, Kin, MPT
  • Yasmin Bains
    Yasmin BainsBKin, MPT
  • Bryce Jay
    Bryce JayMSc.PT, BSc
  • Anne Montgomery
    Anne MontgomeryBFA, DVATI, DBA
  • Front Desk Staff


Charles To is the best physio I’ve ever had.

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