Hair Donation For Kids by Kids!

Hair Donation For Kids by Kids!

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Recently Aart and Marcella’s two boys, Luca and Jack donated their hair to an organization that makes wigs for those undergoing cancer treatments. The hair was cut by hairdressers at on the Fringe Hair Salon on Main Street and then sent to Angel Hair For Kids in Toronto where they make the wigs.

Real hair wigs are expensive to make and you need about 7 donations to make one wig. Colors are sorted to match and then blended together. This makes certain colors of hair very expensive. Red hair like Jack’s for instance, is rare and costs around $500 a foot!

It all began when Luca & Jack wanted to grow their hair long to look like their favourite soccer players. Kids will be kids! Aart & Marcella brought up the possibility of hair donation and the boys loved the idea right away. It took Luca and Jack about one and a half years to grow their hair long enough to donate. They were quite excited to be able to help contribute to the Angel Hair program and help other kids in need of wigs.

The team at Main Street Physiotherapy Clinic is really proud of you two.

Great job boys!

Main Street Physiotherapy Kids Support Cancer

Luca before haircut

Jack before haircut

The physio boys getting their haircut for cancer

Luca & Jack excited to support a great cause


“I came to Mike after a car accident in December 2013.  I have never had a care provider who has done as much as he has to help me get better and who has focused on the entirety of the situation and how it can affect healing instead of just the immediate problem at hand.  It has been a long road, but he uses a variety of techniques (including large needles which terrify me, but I have to admit work incredibly well) and is always looking beyond just the symptoms for the actual causes.  Since getting pregnant while still rehabilitating, he has been able to provide exercises and ideas to help with the pain that has come from the changes due to pregnancy coupled with the previous problems before.  He’s even managed to find ways to alleviate pain that is considered “normal” and just par for the course.  I simply can’t recommend Mike enough and already have sent anyone who is in need his way.”

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