Welcome Kate Kennedy to Main St. Physiotherapy!

Welcome Kate Kennedy to Main St. Physiotherapy!

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Kate Kennedy Vancouver PhysiotherapistThe staff at Main Street Physiotherapy Clinic would like to extend a big welcome to our newest member to the family, Kate Kennedy! Kate brings enormous expertise to our Vancouver Physiotherapy Clinic offering over 20 years of experience. She graduated from Queens University in 1990, and has been working in Vancouver at Treloar Physiotherapy for the past 18 years.

Kate is a Fellow of the Canadian Association of Manual Therapists and part of the clinical faculty at the University of British Columbia in the department of Physical Therapy Faculty of Medicine. As a Senior Instructor with the Canadian Physiotherapy Association’s Orthopedic Division, she provides continuing education to practicing Physiotherapists.

Kate received the Physiotherapy Association of British Columbia’s prestigious Award of Excellence in teaching and has presented at the Sport Physiotherapy National Symposium.

Welcome to the Team Kate!

“I have battled with pelvic instability for almost 10 years and have collapsed arches of my feet due to over pronation. Over the years I have seen acupuncturists, chiropractors massage therapists and a sport therapist, yet I was not finding the relief I was looking for. When I was first treated by Aart, I noticed instant relief from my symptoms with fewer appointments than with other practitioners. With his combined techniques of manipulation, acupressure massage, and functional physical rehabilitation, Aart was able to provide pain relief with quicker results, and I was able to better manage my condition.

I am very grateful to have found Aart, and he is on my phone’s speed-dial!”.

~ E. Ho. Read More