Patient Study – Physiotherapy on Fractured Distal Fibula and Tibia

Patient Study – Physiotherapy on Fractured Distal Fibula and Tibia

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Cause of Accident: Motor Vehicle Injury – While riding his motorized scooter down the street, a car pulled out in front of Patient X which resulted in a collision.

Injury: Fractured distal fibula and tibia bones

Overview: His leg required surgery and several plates and screws were used to secure the bones. The two longer screws that fixed the tibia and fibula together were removed after about 3 months to allow for better movement of the two bones. Subsequent movement has been much better. Patient still has quite a bit of stiffness and pain primarily on the lateral side where  there is still quite a bit of hardware. This hardware is to remain as long as it does not create any pain or other problems.

Treatment: Physiotherapy treatment consists of manual therapy and  strengthening exercises.

*Patient pictures and history was submitted by the patient at their request. Main Street Physiotherapy respects patient privacy with extreme care.

The IMS Mike Wall administered this morning is a revelation. The specific shoulder pain has been reduced so much I sat at my desk today. Replaced by some local soreness, but I’ll definitely take that! I’m interested to see how long the results last, but am really looking forward to my next session! Thanks again Mike.

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