Patient Study – Physiotherapy on Fractured Distal Fibula and Tibia

Patient Study – Physiotherapy on Fractured Distal Fibula and Tibia

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Cause of Accident: Motor Vehicle Injury – While riding his motorized scooter down the street, a car pulled out in front of Patient X which resulted in a collision.

Injury: Fractured distal fibula and tibia bones

Overview: His leg required surgery and several plates and screws were used to secure the bones. The two longer screws that fixed the tibia and fibula together were removed after about 3 months to allow for better movement of the two bones. Subsequent movement has been much better. Patient still has quite a bit of stiffness and pain primarily on the lateral side where  there is still quite a bit of hardware. This hardware is to remain as long as it does not create any pain or other problems.

Treatment: Physiotherapy treatment consists of manual therapy and  strengthening exercises.

*Patient pictures and history was submitted by the patient at their request. Main Street Physiotherapy respects patient privacy with extreme care.

Charles To is the best physio I’ve ever had.

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