Common elbow injuries in the throwing adult and adolescent athlete

Common elbow injuries in the throwing adult and adolescent athlete

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Aart van Gorkum recently participated in Sean Campbell and Dr. Majid Alimohammadi’s “Anatomy Discover” series as the clinical expert for the upper limb. He presented on common elbow injuries in the throwing adult and adolescent athlete.

Also in the picture are clinical experts, Diane Lee and Carol Kennedy.

This Anatomy Refresher course for physiotherapists was held in the Anatomy Lab in the Life Sciences Building at UBC and allows participants to brush up on their anatomical knowledge using cadavers and some excellent pro-sections. Physiotherapists came from all corners of the profession: Pediatric, cardio resp, neuro, sports, ortho and IMS practitioners.

A great day it was!

Anatomy Discovery

David Weightman is a terrific physiotherapist who has become a crucial part of keeping my body going. As a triathlete and person who is always on the move, Dave’s attention to my needs and his hands on philosophy has provided both recovery from injuries and ongoing maintenance to keep me training. He makes considerable efforts to know about my activities, goals and is eager to see me succeed. His years of experience and comprehensive knowledge of the body is evident as I often present different injuries to him. Whether chronic overuse injuries, or rehab from a major injury, I recommend Dave without hesitation! Tremendous man and a fantastic physio.

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