Our Team:

Yasmin Bains

Yasmin grew up playing many different sports, including softball, which she continued to play for the University of British Columbia while pursuing her Bachelor of Kinesiology. Through her studies, she discovered her passion for helping others become stronger, healthier versions of themselves, and was inspired to pursue her Master’s degree in Physical Therapy at UBC. A strong believer in ‘exercise is medicine’, Yasmin is excited to share her knowledge to help others enhance their overall health. She has received additional training in manual therapy and working with those who have persistent pain. In her experience working in a hospital setting, she has treated patients who range from being critically ill, to others who are recovering from a joint replacement surgery. Movement is important for all, regardless of where you are on your health journey.
When working with Yasmin, she is on your team, and your goals come first. Her treatment approach combines exercise with hands-on techniques, and she will ensure that you understand the reasons behind your treatment. Outside the clinic, you will find Yasmin hiking, painting, and tasting new ice cream flavours.

Yasmin is available Tuesday and Thursday afternoons and evenings.


The day I met Yasmin I had a good feeling. She has been very understanding and intuitive, she knows when to be easy, and when to push and go harder. I really appreciate and thank her!

~ Lynda Neighbour. Read More