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Women’s Health

Although having joint, pelvic and back pain during pregnancy is common, it should not be thought of as normal. The physiotherapist can discuss and assess your musculoskeletal concerns with regards to the prenatal and post-partum period (including urinary incontinence, symphysis pubis dysfunction or Diastasis rectus abdominus), and develop an appropriate treatment plan and exercise program to help with the muscle imbalances, postural changes and weakened muscles associated with pregnancy.


Women's Health Services / Physiotherapy Vancouver


“Chantelle is knowledgeable, approachable and a joy to be around. The part that makes her a wonderful physiotherapist is the time she takes to assess and treat me as well as her caring approach. She is very flexible and willing to look at new approaches for treatment when something is not working. I very much appreciate Chantelle’s support and willingness to do whatever it takes to reach my treatment goals. I would highly recommend Chantelle as a physiotherapist.”

~ N. Mascarenas. Read More