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Although having joint, pelvic and back pain during pregnancy is common, it should not be thought of as normal. The physiotherapist can discuss and assess your musculoskeletal concerns with regards to the prenatal and post-partum period (including urinary incontinence, symphysis pubis dysfunction or Diastasis rectus abdominus), and develop an appropriate treatment plan and exercise program to help with the muscle imbalances, postural changes and weakened muscles associated with pregnancy.


Women's Health Services / Physiotherapy Vancouver


I regrettably developed breast cancer.  Kate has advised me and taught me appropriate exercises to help me recover and maintain optimal function in my arm. Her interest in women’s health and the needs of women dealing with cancer has helped me a lot. Kate has the ability to recognize where I am at physically and to do both hands on treatment and to teach me a reasonable home program of exercises.  I would recommend her to anyone needing help with their physical recovery.

~ B. Beatty. Read More