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Although having joint, pelvic and back pain during pregnancy is common, it should not be thought of as normal. The physiotherapist can discuss and assess your musculoskeletal concerns with regards to the prenatal and post-partum period (including urinary incontinence, symphysis pubis dysfunction or Diastasis rectus abdominus), and develop an appropriate treatment plan and exercise program to help with the muscle imbalances, postural changes and weakened muscles associated with pregnancy.


Women's Health Services / Physiotherapy Vancouver


On a cold and dark November morning while riding to work my bike slid out from under me resulting in an injury to my rotator cuff.  I started visiting Peter Francis two weeks later as I still could not lift my arm above my waist.  He assessed my initial injuries while reviewing my overall health.  Peter demonstrated that he has an extensive knowledge about the physiology of the body.  After each session, I found my range of motion increased dramatically.  He was able to prescribe and clearly demonstrate effective stretches and exercises I could do at home.  I found Peter to be professional, knowledgeable and passionate about his job.  Little does he know his new nickname is “Mr. Magic!”

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